Sunday, January 28, 2018

52 Ancestors 2018: Ancestors 1-4

The 52 Ancestors Challenge is back!  Amy Johnson Crow started this challenge a few years ago and I participated in 2014 and 2015.  I do not always have the time every week to write up something so I think I might just do one a month with four ancestors. 

Ancestor #1 - Carl Eric Gullens (my 3rd great grandfather)
I'm pretty sure I did this one a few years ago but I'm circling back because it is a big brick wall for me.  This is the little information I have - born in Finland and married Augistine Haldga.  I do not even have sources for this information so it could be wrong.  His son, Erick Andrew Carlson, is my 2nd great grandfather.  I have Carl and Augistine having four other children: Edla, Johanna, Lena, and August.

Ancestor #2 - John Howland (my 12th great grandfather)
I stumbled across this ancestor during the first 52 Ancestors challenge.  It has proved to be an interesting ancestor with links to many famous individuals including the Baldwin family.  I do believe there are some others but my research hasn't gotten that far yet.  I am descendent from John's daughter Desire.

Ancestor #3 - Janet Boarman (my 8th great grandmother)
Janet was born to William and Jane (nee Neale) in 1680 in Charles County, Maryland.  Janet married James Gates Jr. and I know of one child my 7th great grandmother, Margaret.

Ancestor #4 - McNeals
I have not been able to find my grandmother, Jane nor her parents and sister in the 1940's census.  My grandmother given first name is Garnet and I have tried every variation of their names to try and find them to no avail.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ancestry DNA Results!

I recently took the Ancestry DNA test and received my results back.  The whole process was very quick for me.  I bought the kit on November 24th and received it on December 4th.  I mailed the test back on December 5th.  My results came back on December 26th.  I have a lot of research so I was looking to validate what I have and find out more specifically my ethnicity. 

The results aligned with the research I have uncovered.  There is Irish on both my Mom's mom side and my Dad's mom side so the 48% Ireland/Scottish/Wales matches up.  I also enjoy getting the matches to others that have taken the test, a few I have already been in contact with or have used their trees to help fill out my own information.

Interested in purchasing your own kits, use my link for $10 off: 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

2017 Ancestor #11 - Elizabeth Wilhemenia Johanna Kober

Elizabeth Wilhemenia Johanna Kober was born in Sachsony, Germany on 27 Feb 1846 to Frederick Augustus Kober II (1796-1851) and Charlotte Loose (1807-1879).  Elizabeth is the ninth of ten children.

Elizabeth immigrated to the USA by the birth of her first child.

Elizabeth married Christopher Gauger (b. abt 1827, d. 1895).  They had seven children.

  • John (b. 1867)
  • Ida (b. 1869)
  • Albert F. (b. 1875)
  • Christoph (b. 1876)
  • Ella (b. 1879)
  • Augusta W. (b. 1879, d. 1914), m. Joseph S. Frank
  • Martha (b. 16 Nov 1881, d. 20 Nov 1971), m. John Raymond Stockton
Elizabeth died on 05 Nov 1912 at age 66 in Wheaton, Illinois. 

2017 Ancestor #10 - Martha Ann Carrico

Martha Ann Carrico was born Ozark County, Missouri on 14 Aug 1846 to Josiah Carrico (1803-1871) and Jane Williams (1810-1882).   Martha was the seventh of eight children.

Martha married James Wesley Riley (b. 08 Feb 1847, d. 12 Mar 1909), son of Lewis and Anna, on 23 Dec 1867.  There is an additional connection here as James is my 4th great uncle, his sister is Margaret Susan Riley my 3rd great grandmother who married Martha's brother Basil.

Martha and James had ten children:
  • William Monk (b. 08 Sep 1868, d. 09 Sep 1944), m. Ethel Jean Browning
  • Nancy Jane (b. 05 Jan 1870, d. 15 Sep 1954), m. John Stephens Whitten
  • Martha Jane (b. 22 Oct 1871, d. 01 Oct 1959), m. William Henry Pruitt
  • Mary Jane (b. 05 Aug 1873, d. 01 Oct 1959), m. William Sherman Spears
  • Mitchell Edmond (b. 11 Dec 1875, d. 20 Jul 1959), m. Artimisia Chestnut / Kathryn Bowles Roberts
  • Virginia (b. abt 1878)
  • Parzetta (b. 20 Aug 1882, d. 21 Mar 1974), m. Harvey Lowman / Allen Coulson / Jim Coats
  • Margaret Jane (b. May 1885)
  • Virginia, (b. abt 1878)
  • Maud E.  (b. May 1888)
Martha died on 27 Jul 1921 at age 74 in Montrose, Colorado.  Martha is buried at Grand View Cemetery in Montrose, Colorado.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Ancestor #9 - Everet Lyle Green

Everet Lyle Green was born in Green County, Wisconsin on 11 Jun 1892 to Frank Burton Green (1892-1956) and Blanch Evans (1869-1958).  Everet was the second of six children.

Everet married Bernice Hartman (b. 13 Apr 1893, d. 02 Sep 1964), daughter of John and Ida, on 18 Jun 1914.  They had four children:

  • Harold Roger (b. 27 Feb 1917, d. 21 Oct 1989)
  • Mary Elizabeth (b. 15 Oct 1919, d. 25 Oct 1996), m. Leslie Melvin Pinnow
  • Robert LaVerne (b. 01 Aug 1921, d. 11 Dec 1974)
  • Charlotte Marie (b. 01 Aug 1921, d. 21 Oct 1989)
Everet died on 30 Jun 1956 at age 64 in Green County, Wisconsin.

2017 Ancestor #8 - George McNeal

Not much information on this ancestor:

George McNeal was born in Connersville, Indiana in Jul 1856 to Robert E. McNeal (1821-1894) and Elizabeth Ann Stamm (1826-1915).  George was the fifth of nine children.

George died on 25 May 1874 at age 17 in Nebraska.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 Ancestor #7 - August Frederick Kober

August Frederick Kober was born in Neukirchen Kreis Osterberg, Germany on 23 Mar 1843 to Frederick Augustus Kober II (1796-1851) and Charlotte Loose (1807-1879).  August was the eighth of ten children.

August married Charlotte Elizabeth Zander (1849-?) in 1871.  They had four children:

  • Augustus Frederick (b. 1874, d. 1940)
  • Herman (b. 1876, d. ?)
  • Marie E. (b. 1883, d. ?)
  • Esther L. (b. 1894, d ?)
August died on 09 Feb 1917 at age 73 in Wheaton, Illinois.  August is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Charles City, Iowa.